Radiomic Informed Workflows

Integrated Solutions to Coordinate and Manage Personalized Care Treatment

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HealthMyne® RPM powers critical workflow solutions to coordinate and personalize care treatment. Radiomic features, scoring, and guideline/protocol support generated from HealthMyne’s RPM solution are integrated into clinical workflows for therapy response, cancer screening, incidental findings, and multidisciplinary conferences. Uniquely removing data silos and coordinating care, HealthMyne provides access to new imaging data as well as the resources to leverage this information in a clinically meaningful way.

HealthMyne’s companion workflows support unique information and decision-making needs. Multidisciplinary and research teams have transparency into actionable radiomic data, decision support alerts, and robust outcomes reporting to coordinate and efficiently manage oncology care.

Therapy Response

Provide data-informed therapy response and automated protocol management

Lung Cancer Screening

Transform your lung cancer screening program

Incidental Findings

Empower your team to build an efficient, high quality incidental findings program

Multidisciplinary Conferences

Reimagine multidisciplinary conference organization and patient presentation


Radiomics Personalizes Patient Management

  • A 69-year-old male lung cancer screening patient was routinely scanned using low-dose CT.
  • In September 2019, the right upper lobe ground glass nodule was deemed stable (since 2016).
  • When volume was analyzed within HealthMyne, the provider determined the nodule was growing.
  • After a biopsy, the patient presented with low grade adenocarcinoma.
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The patient’s nodule was thought to be stable
until volume was analyzed.
The patient was scheduled for surgical intervention and evaluated for follow-on treatment.
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