We Can Do Better Than 2% of Eligible Patients Being Screened for Lung Cancer

By HealthMyne | May 22, 2018 | Blog

In a study to be presented at the upcoming annual ASCO meeting, Dr. Danh Pham of James Graham Brown Cancer Center and his colleagues found that less than 2% of eligible smokers in the U.S. received lung cancer screening in 2016. Evidence shows that when lung cancer is discovered and treated early, when it is still Stage I, there is a 92% five year survival rate, compared to less than 1% when it has progressed to Stage IV. Not only do more patients survive, the cost of treatment of a Stage I patient is almost 1/3 of that of a Stage IV patient.

A solution to include more lung cancer screening patients

Current solutions make it difficult to enroll and track patients. While determining the requirements for the HealtyMyne Platform Cancer Screening Module, our engineers spent hours talking to the administrators of some of the largest screening programs in the country. Most use a mixture of Excel spreadsheets and paper records and spend inordinate amounts of time managing their patients.

The Cancer Screening Module automatically tags cancer screening images, so the radiologist knows what type of read is required. Rapid Precise Metrics (RPM)™ functionality ensures consistency for initial reads and follow-ups and performs automatic calculation of the appropriate scoring such as Lung-RADS. The data flows seamlessly to the web-based worklist. Alerts notify care coordinators of next steps. Communication t0 clinicians and patients is simplified. One click prepares data for submission to the ACR. Finally, a dashboard provides an overview of the screening program as a whole.

Advanced software solutions like the HealthMyne Platform result in better workflows. Screening programs can include more patients and can discover more cancers earlier. All of which results in better outcomes and savings for the healthcare system.