Therapy Response

Provide Data-Informed Therapy Response and Automated Protocol Management

HealthMyne’s® Radiomic Precision Metrics (RPM) functionality ensures lesion measurements are consistent across radiologists, lesions, and timepoints

HealthMyne provides tools for documenting treatment response, ensuring appropriate protocol assignment and efficiently tracking patients and trial coordination tasks.

  • Optimize clinical results and improve patient treatment
  • Improve patient retention on trial protocols
  • Incorporate radiomic data for use in trials management
  • Potential to increase trial availability
  • Leverage multidisciplinary collaboration for patient recruitment
  • Meet sponsor protocol and reporting requirements
  • Achieve a quick return on investment through patient retention and more efficient management

Designed to empower the collection and analysis of quantifiable imaging data in clinical trial evaluations with imaging end points or for patient populations where a standardized assessment is desired. The Therapy Response module allows sponsor trial administrators and the multidisciplinary care team to track patients as they progress through treatment within a clinical trial. In addition, therapy response protocol compliant reports are easily generated allowing for critical data aggregation, collaboration and dissemination of accurate response assessment detail and required protocol criteria.

HealthMyne’s Therapy Response provides consistent, accessible, and quantifiable imaging data to clinical research accelerating therapy development and enabling greater personalization of treatment for patients.

Standard therapy response assessments such as RECIST v1.1, mRECIST, mRECIST for MPM, CHOI, EASL, irRC, irRECIST, PERCIST, iRECIST, WHO, RANO, Lugano, and MacDonald are incorporated as well as the ability to create customized protocols specific to your trial management needs.

Lesion metrics including radiomics are tracked over time in CFR part 11 compliant worksheets and standardized reporting

Robust therapy response offering supports radiomics-enabled workflows and trial coordination management for imaging endpoints.

Clinical Trial Coordination

  • Coordinator worklist to track and manage patients, inbound imaging reads and trial related tasks
  • Support for multiple trials, multiple readers and adjudication pools
  • Trial level configuration for response criteria, blinding and adjudication workflows
  • Worksheets are automatically populated with quantitative lesion metrics using published rules
  • Custom protocol criteria and rules can be created to support trial specifications

HealthMyne provides an enhanced, configurable workflow to support both primary reader and adjudication processes

Reading and 2+1 Adjudication Workflow

  • Primary Reader and Adjudication Worklist includes notifications, assignments and task management
  • Sequential and blinded read configurations
  • Timepoint data set locking
  • Automatic assignments of inbound reads to reading pools
  • Two-reader comparison views of structures and associated radiomic features
  • Selected reader designation and justification

Configurable two-reader comparison view for adjudication workflow

Emerging data supports the incorporation of radiomic insights to inform decision-making, trial management, prediction of therapy/treatment response, recurrence, and survival. HealthMyne makes it easy to access radiomic information — such as volume, texture, doubling time, GGO percentage, and more — from patient’s participating in clinical trials.

Consistent tumor analysis, access to novel imaging data, and a more efficient workflow advance therapy response with clinical trials.

Novel imaging-based biomarkers — radiomic features and clinical signatures — can potentially reveal critical information earlier than standard metrics such as the change in the longest dimension of a tumor. HealthMyne AI-enabled radiomic workflow solutions allow researchers and clinicians to monitor disease evolution, evaluate treatment efficacy, and predict therapeutic outcomes.

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Analyze Real World Evidence of Therapy Response

  • Inform patient inclusion and cohort selection
  • Improve patient retention on clinical trial protocols
  • Potential to increase trial availability
  • Incorporate and automate trial protocol and reporting requirements
  • Measure radiomic data and response to therapy over time

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