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The Basics of the Therapy Response Module

Designed for patients on clinical trials or for patient populations where a standardized assessment is desired. The Therapy Response Assessment Module's web-based interface allows administrators and the multidisciplinary care team to track patients as they progress through treatment and generate reports to more accurately assess outcomes over a population.

Use standard response assessments such as RECIST 1.1, iRECIST, RANO, Lugano(NEW) and MacDonald (full list below in the details section), or create customized protocols specific to your facility's needs. HealthMyne’s Rapid Precise Metrics (RPM)™ functionality ensures lesion measurements are consistent across radiologists, lesions, and timepoints. You can now have one place to review information about all assessment protocols - no more searching for spreadsheets or stacks of paper!

How The Therapy Response Module Helps You

From the Point-of-Read to the Point-of-Care

Multidisciplinary Clinicians

  • Customize any protocol with various criteria

  • Standardized assessments
  • Easily communicate between team members
  • Accurate data that adheres to protocol rules
  • Keep patients in trials


Coordinators & Nurse Navigators

  • Streamline tracking of patients
  • Assign responsibility to any member of the team
  • Metrics in the appropriate format
  • Reduce time gathering and calculating data
  • Create final reports


  • Automatically determine appropriate lesion metrics
  • Indicate ‘non-measured’ areas of activity or clinical significance
  • Ensure protocol rules are followed
  • Provide more accurate designations and less corrections

Oncology Care Executives

  • Reduce clinical variability through more consistent reads

  • Keep patients on trials longer
  • Simplify the management of trials
  • Use time savings for other important patient-related activities

Therapy Response Module Main Screen Showing Preliminary Report Ready for Review

Assigning a lesion to a protocol

Therapy Response Report

The Therapy Response Module Details

Measuring and tracking therapy response in a consistent manner is at the heart of any successful clinical trial or for managing patients across a population. The Therapy Response Module in HealthMyne is designed to bring consistency and ease the management of patients in the following ways:

  • Coordinators create protocols in the web interface using pre-loaded standard protocols which can be customized as needed
    • Current protocols include RECIST v1.1, mRECIST, mRECIST for MPM, CHOI, EASL, irRC, irRECIST, PERCIST, iRECIST, WHO, RANO, Lugano(NEW) and MacDonald
  • Patients are added to the protocol through integrations with both PACS and the EHR
  • Studies are automatically assigned and Radiologists are notified at the point-of-read that a particular protocol or protocols need to be followed
  • Rapid Precise Metrics (RPM) functionality provides consistent quantitative metrics from CT, MRI, and PET (including SUV and MTV) for each lesion no matter which radiologist is performing the read
    • For follow-up studies, previously tracked lesions are automatically propagated to today's study with measurements waiting to be approved
  • Rules for each protocol are instantly available to ensure adherence and prevent the need for corrections later
  • Therapy response is automatically calculated based on quantitative metrics and are then entered into the worksheet without dictation or manual entry
  • Coordinators are notified when new preliminary reports are available for review and finalization

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