Integrated Suite of Radiomic Solutions & Services

HealthMyne’s innovative suite of AI-enabled software solutions and consultative services provide an integrated approach for applying radiomics into research and clinical management. HealthMyne provides access to novel imaging data as well as the consultative resources to leverage this information.

Radiomic Precision Metrics

AI-enabled precision imaging and segmentation solution allows for easy radiomic feature extraction from imaging data

Radiomic Informed Workflows

Integrated solutions to coordinate and manage personalized care treatment. Radiomic features and protocol support are integrated into clinical and research workflows

Radiomic Discovery Services

Consultative translation and discovery services support healthcare and life science organizations in the application of radiomics into research, treatment development, and clinical care

Radiomics Inform the Right Treatment Every Time

  • 79-year-old male with a history of tobacco use
  • Nodule in right upper lobe appeared to be progressing when reviewed in July 2019
  • When measured using HealthMyne, the lesion was determined to be stable
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The patient’s nodule was determined to be stable using volumetric data, saving him a procedure, and
avoiding unnecessary costs.
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