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The Basics of the Reports Module

HealthMyne’s Reports Module is designed to ensure that the multidisciplinary team has the right information when and where they need it. Integration with major dictation systems provides clearer reports that include quantitative data that aids in diagnosis and treatment planning. Specialized reports such as the Quantitative Tumor Burden Report® (QTBR®), and Thoracic Module reports such as the patient facing Emphysema Report and Lung Density Reports are created with a single click and can be sent to the EMR for sharing with the entire care team.

How The Reports Module Helps You

From the Point-of-Read to the Point-of-Care

Multidisciplinary Clinicians

  • Specialized reports with quantitative data

  • Cleaner, easier to read structured radiology reports

  • Quantitative information about every lesion

Coordinators & Nurse Navigators

  • Use reports with patients to encourage smoking cessation
  • Access reports in the EMR for patient follow-up


  • Add quantitative data without dictating a single number
  • Provide specialized reports to the multidisciplinary team
  • Use texture/heterogeneity reports to direct interventions

Oncology Care Executives

  • Reduce errors in diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Greater efficiency through dictation integration
  • Bolster smoking cessation programs

Dictation Integration with quantitative data in a tabular format

Click to view a sample QTBR Report

Thoracic Lung Density Report

Click to view sample report

The Reports Module Details

Clear information is the basis of accurate diagnoses and correct treatment decisions. Available in the web based Point-of-Care interface, the Reports Module makes providing well formatted, easy to read reports that include quantitative data and key images simple and easy and does this in the following ways:

Dictation Integration

The HealthMyne platform features native integration with both PowerScribe and M*Modal so that you never have to speak a measurement again.

  • Any of the 600+ metrics calculated by RPM such as Long/Short, Volume, Density, Mass, Difference Metrics, Doubling Times, and more...
  • Lesion identifying information such as series and slice number
  • Follow up guidelines for Incidental Findings
Quantitative Tumor Burden Report® (QTBR®)
  • Conveys a patient’s total tumor burden independent of study type or which radiologist performed the read
  • Perfect for sharing among teams in Tumor Conferences
Thoracic Reports
  • Part of the Thoracic Module
  • Lung density reports - Clinical report that includes discrete metrics for each lung plus Top, Second, Third, and Bottom sections for volume and density.
  • Emphysema reports - Patient facing report that includes an easy to understand image of lung density that can be used as a smoking cessation tool. Click to view sample report.
  • Heterogeneity reports - Clinical report that includes key images and quantitative metrics for GLCM: Energy, Homogeneity, Correlation, Entropy, Contrast, Dissimilarity. Click to view a sample report.

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