Radiomics Provides Novel Insights

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Radiomics is the rapidly growing field in radiology that extracts high-dimensional data from standard images to define a novel set of quantifiable imaging patterns or imaging biomarkers. These markers have proven to be both predictive and prognostic regarding clinical outcomes and treatment pathways.

HealthMyne believes radiomics is the next wave in healthcare, unleashing the hidden power of imaging data to speed drug and treatment development and the achievement of personalized medicine.


Dr. Robert Gillies of Moffitt Cancer Center is often called the ‘Father of Radiomics’ and in his paper, “Radiomics: Images Are More than Pictures, They Are Data” he predicts that Radiomics are the next frontier in healthcare.

Radiomic Research and Standards Organizations


Image Biomarker Standardisation Initiative


Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance


Quantitative Imaging Network

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