HealthMyne® Radiomic Precision Metrics (RPM)

AI-Enabled Precision Imaging and Segmentation

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Translating Radiomics into Personalized Action

At the core of HealthMyne’s integrated solution suite resides our industry-leading AI-enabled Precision Imaging and Segmentation software — HealthMyne Radiomic Precision Metrics. HealthMyne® RPM is an innovative solution for quick and easy extraction of volumetric and other quantitative radiomic metrics from imaging data to inform research, clinical management, and treatment development.

HealthMyne® RPM is the leading segmentation tool for longitudinal analysis of lesions or other areas of interest. HealthMyne provides access to a radiomic library that includes all IBSI and other metrics.
“We have found that measuring volume and tracking volume metrics over time provides valuable information for our research. HealthMyne’s semi-automated segmentation in lung lesions is easy to use and performs well. Having a tool that makes it easy to segment, report and track volumetric information and other quantitative data is essential in our work as we assess and predict outcomes.”

-NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Radiomics: the bridge between medical imaging & personalized care

Once a lesion or tumor is segmented, users have easy access to thousands of validated radiomic metrics for use in research or clinical practice.

HealthMyne RPM provides access to radiomic metrics proven to be predictive and prognostic indicators. HealthMyne’s research and clinical workflows make it easy to identify and extract actionable radiomic data for new discoveries, treatment development, and collaboration. Developing imaging biomarkers and clinical signatures from novel radiomic data informs real world evidence and precision medicine — enabling truly personalized care.

Accuracy and Validation

HealthMyne is validated through compliance with industry standards for radiomics. HealthMyne develops radiomic features in accordance with the IBSI (Image Biomarker Standards Initiative) and the American College of Radiology's QIBA (Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance). Additionally, HealthMyne® RPM is validated through our clinical clients and research partners, as well as other sources of third-party validation, including the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine's Biomedical Image Analysis Challenges.

HealthMyne achieved first place in volume contouring accuracy

HealthMyne placed first out of 121 other competing challengers in the 2018 Perelman School of Medicine’s BraTS Challenge.

Multiplanar segmentation of glioblastoma brain lesion (red) depicted relative to ground-truth contours (yellow) and long/short axes (green) on a reformatted sagittal slice.*


Radiomic Research and Standards Organizations


Image Biomarker Standardisation Initiative


Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance


Quantitative Imaging Network

HealthMyne Radiomic and Imaging Biomarker Research Supported

Go beyond the long and short

Evidence-based radiomic metrics such as volume, density, and mass at your fingertips

Radiomic metrics such as volume, mass, and density have extensive published data exhibiting their value beyond the Long and Short in oncology care. Unfortunately, these valuable data points are difficult to extract and until now were mostly unavailable for care decisions or treatment response evaluation.

HealthMyne’s RPM solution extracts thousands of radiomic features when a lesion is segmented and makes evidence‑based information such as volume, density, mass, percent change, doubling time, and texture immediately available.

HealthMyne provides access to an extensive library of radiomic metrics and experts in radiomic analysis to assist with translation and discovery.

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