Radiomic Discovery Services

Translating Radiomics into Action

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HealthMyne provides comprehensive radiomic discovery solutions and services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our consultative approach supports healthcare and life science organizations in the application of radiomics into research, treatment development, and clinical care.

Imaging Data

Image data aggregation and curation in the HealthMyne radiomics cloud

Radiomic Feature Extraction

Over 2,300+ IBSI and QIBA compliant radiomic features extracted and dimensionality reduction applied to focus on relevant features by disease

Radiomic Outcomes Analysis

Benchmark against evidence-based and proprietary models — provides outcomes analysis

Radiomic Translation Delivery

Highlights validated, relevant features and imaging biomarkers — delivered through translation reports and data pipeline

Radiomic Decision Support

Alerts on changes to radiomic information and biomarker parameters — enables multi-modal delivery into research and clinical workflows

Unleashing Decision Guidance

Radiomic features and imaging biomarkers are synthesized and correlated with evidence-based models to provide translated value, outcomes prognosis, and actionable decision support guidance.

HealthMyne Radiomic Translation Report Example

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