New Video: Tips for More Productive Tumor Boards

By HealthMyne | April 24, 2018 | Blog

Every clinician knows that Tumor Board can be a frustrating, and time-consuming experience. A new video from HealthMyne offers hope. Watch the video and learn about dashboards and reports that synthesize quantitative data about oncology patients into easy-to-digest formats that include information from the EHR, radiation therapy, and other clinical systems. The result? Better workflows, more efficient meetings, more informed decision-making and better results.

Click here to watch the video.

This video is the latest in a series designed to showcase the ways HealthMyne’s innovative Quantitative Imaging Decision Support (QIDS)™ platform improves productivity, clinical workflow, and patient management decisions.

“HealthMyne’s QIDS platform helps streamline Tumor Board preparation through its single dashboard of patient information,” says HealthMyne Vice President Neal Miller, “so no more searching for a missing report or looking for the data that will help make the best decision for the patient.”

For more ideas for improving Tumor Board meetings, download HealthMyne’s recent white paper “Tumor Boards: Essential But Difficult & Costly.”