New Video: More Consistent Measurements – Better Results

By HealthMyne | October 18, 2018 | Company News

Most cancer patients’ stories start with an image, and from that image information is extracted to make a diagnosis and decisions regarding treatment.

Due to the lack of proper tools in today’s PACS systems, radiologists have struggled to achieve consistent measurements of tumors and lesions when analyzing these images.

You can’t make important care decisions without consistent data, so HealthMyne has a solution.

Click here to watch a quick demo video.

With the HealthMyne platform, the radiologist or clinician at the point-of-read simply pulls a line and advanced algorithms kick in to obtain true, consistent long and short values, plus a host of other volume-based metrics. This minimizes inter- and intra-reader variability and provides more confidence at the point-of-care.

Learn more about how HealthMyne can help you and your team achieve better insights at the point-of-care to ensure the best patient outcomes.