Are your multidisciplinary conferences disorganized?

The Basics of the Multidisciplinary Conference Solution

HealthMyne’s Multidisciplinary Conference Solution is designed to streamline the preparation steps and simplify the presentation of patients in Tumor Conferences/Tumor Boards. Armed with a web-based patient-centric view of key clinical events and imaging related findings, tumor conference participants will be able to review and access the same information and collaboratively discuss patient management and treatment.

Peer Review/Peer Learning

Sites are also utilizing the Multidisciplinary Conference Solution for peer review/peer learning as all the same functionality for accessing information and collaboration makes it an ideal platform for this purpose.

Tumor Conferences or Tumor Boards have been shown to greatly enhance the ability of the multidisciplinary care team to make the best decisions for their patients. This is why they are mandatory for most accreditation programs. Unfortunately, most clinicians report that it can take up to two hours to prepare a patient for conference and that often the conferences themselves are disorganized without all of the necessary information being available. This results in less patients gaining the advantage of these important meetings. At HealthMyne, our aim is to make sure that every patient that can benefit from Tumor Conference has that possibility.

How The Multidisciplinary Conference Solution Helps You

From the Point-of-Read to the Point-of-Care

Multidisciplinary Clinicians

  • Speed up preparing a patient for Tumor Conference
  • Capture notes, key images, findings and recommendations
  • Collaborate with other clinicians including peer-to-peer digital consults
  • Follow the correct guidelines to meet accreditation standards
  • Have confidence all information necessary for making informed decisions is available

Coordinators & Nurse Navigators

  • Speed up preparing a patient for Tumor Conference
  • Capture notes, key images, findings and recommendations
  • Communicate with clinicians you may need information from
  • Automate calendar and email notifications
  • Enhance communication and simplify preparation


  • Upload key images, lesion contours, and relevant metrics for presentation
  • Access the native PACS viewer with nodule tracking and radiomic analysis

Oncology Care Executives

  • Ensure that accreditation and licensing standards are being met

  • Include more patients in Tumor Conference

  • Reduce the time highly paid clinicians spend on preparation

Setting up a new conference in the web interface

Email notification for preparing a patient with direct link to preparation page

Patient Preparation with PatientCare Timeline Integration

The Multidisciplinary Conference Solution Details

Tumor Conferences are becoming a standard of care in many cancer treatment centers and are often a required practice for accreditations like Commission on Cancer. Many facilities and clinicians report that preparing a patient for Tumor Conference can take up to two-hours and that often during the meeting presentation of the patient is disorganized and often is missing important information. The Multidisciplinary Conference Solution aims to greatly reduce preparation times and significantly increase the efficiency of presenting patients in the following ways:


  • Use the web-based interface to easily create templates for each of your Conference types, e.g. thoracic, neuro-oncology, breast, liver, etc...
    • Set maximum number of patients, default time, place, and duration, required preparation sections, and attendees
  • Schedule Conferences using existing templates and include screen sharing information for virtual meetings
  • Add patients by name or MRN, assign guidelines for review, and assign preparation to specific clinicians who then receive automated email and calendar notifications
  • Key specialists involved in treatment decisions add their notes, key images, findings and recommendations in advance of presentation at the conference
  • Dashboards lets coordinators quicky review if all preparation has been completed or whether email reminders need to be sent out
  • PatientCare Timeline® is fully integrated so relevant patient information is available for preparation, review, and presentation during the meeting


  • PatientCare Timeline allows easy access to images, encounters, medications, treatment plans, reports, and more
  • Launch image sets in the integrated PACS viewer including visualization of lesion contours and all relevant metrics
  • Notes and decisions are catalogued for review and follow-up within each conference session
  • Documentation including recommendations are saved to the PatientCare Timeline and can be pushed back to the patient’s electronic medical record*


  • Dashboards let you easily track and report on your conferences for accreditation or designation requirements

*Works in progress

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