Multidisciplinary Conferences

Reimagine Conference Organization and Patient Presentation

Integrated workflow solution for cross-care team collaboration, comprehensive patient management, and radiomic-informed treatment decisions

HealthMyne’s Multidisciplinary Conference Solution is designed to streamline the preparation and simplify the presentation of patients in Cancer Care Conferences or Tumor Boards. Armed with a web-based patient-centric view of key clinical events and imaging related findings, the care team will be able to review and access the same information and collaboratively discuss patient management and treatment.

Easily share information across the multidisciplinary team and centrally document decisions and follow-up plans.

  • Encourage multidisciplinary collaboration and learning
  • Optimize physician preparation time
  • Improve clinical and patient outcomes
  • Establish a higher quality of care approach
  • Organize information and document decisions in a central location
  • Hold virtual conferences across distributed organizations
  • Automatically track data for Commission on Cancer accreditation requirements
  • Incorporate radiomic data, including volume, density, and texture for treatment specificity

HealthMyne helps organizations review more patients in tumor boards and establish a higher quality care approach

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