Tumor Board Module Preview

An advanced look at what is coming in our next release

Version 6 (release expected October, 2018) of the QIDS platform will provide a brand new comprehensive module for managing tumor board conferences. Dr. Linda Peitzman, HealthMyne's CMIO recently recorded a demonstration of many of the new features that will be included to provide an advanced look at this exciting new CDS workflow. View the five videos below to see what's coming.

PatientCare Timeline®

View, review and present patients for Tumor Board Conference

The starting point for any successful Tumor Board Conference is having all of the relevant patient information available for preparation and review beforehand, and for presentation during the meeting. The PatientCare Timeline is an integral feature of the HealthMyne QIDS Platform and serves as the ideal starting point for these important tasks.

Approximately 2 minutes 56 seconds

Tumor Board Conference Management

Setting up meetings in the web-portal

Create templates for each type of conference, schedule conferences, invite attendees and assign preparation steps to them, and add patients to the meeting, all in an easy to access and navigate web-based platform.

Approximately 6 minutes 31 seconds

Preparing Patients

Make sure all necessary information is available during the meeting

Easily add notes, events from the PatientCare Timeline, key images, and documents for each patient scheduled to be discussed in the Tumor Board Conference in the web-portal.

Approximately 3 minutes 30 seconds

Presenting a Patient

Pulling all the information together

Using the web-portal during the Tumor Board Conference to efficiently present each patient. Take attendance and add notes from the meeting for follow-up and next-steps.

Approximately 2 minutes 18 seconds

The Data Dashboard

See how your organization is performing

Understand in a glance how well your organization is meeting goals for number of conferences, number of patients included, and attendance by clinicians.

Approximately 2 minutes

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