Case Study

Improve Patient Tracking and Quality of Care with HealthMyne Lung Cancer Screening


FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst, North Carolina has a robust lung cancer screening program. The nurse navigator responsible for entering patient information into the American College of Radiology (ACR) Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) registry had a routine in place for retrieving and entering patient information and for tracking patients in the program via a spreadsheet. When HealthMyne Lung Cancer Screening was integrated into the hospital in 2019, the process became more automated.


Nancy Hilliard, RN is a lung cancer screening clinical data coordinator at FirstHealth. Her personalized, manual process of tracking lung cancer screening patients relied on a faxed list of patients from the radiology department. Since her process had worked well for a number of years, she was hesitant at first to rely on HealthMyne to find and track all lung cancer screening patients. When she started using HealthMyne, she would open each patient record in the HealthMyne portal and update the fields required by the ACR from her faxed list.

Resolution Strategy

HealthMyne is designed to capture and track all lung cancer screening patients in an active worklist customized for nurse navigation. The HealthMyne Project Manager working with Nancy decided to run a report of lung cancer screening patients for one month to compare to what had been entered from the faxed list. He discovered 15 patients the nurse navigator had not been made aware of; three of which had results that had been categorized as Lung-RADS 4. All of those patients were in the HealthMyne lung cancer screening worklist but hadn’t been communicated to the nurse navigator via fax.

One month later, Nancy and the HealthMyne Project Manager found 15 additional patients who had not been sent to the nurse navigator. Two of these patients had categorized results of Lung-RADS 4. The nurse navigator discovered there had been a new hire in Radiology who had not received training to fax the report.

"HealthMyne provided value that I wasn’t expecting. As navigators, we work hard to ensure that patients are followed appropriately and receiving timely care. I had concerns when we implemented HealthMyne because my process had worked well for years; however, when we found this break in our manual process, I realized that HealthMyne was actually capturing all patients in our program and alerting me. My confidence in HealthMyne increased and now I rely on it every day."

— Nancy Hilliard, RN


The HealthMyne Project Manager worked with Nancy to help her run  a report of all patients having a low-dose CT for lung cancer screening. Nancy tried this approach for a few months and found that HealthMyne was capturing all lung cancer screening patients in the worklist, saving manual entry time and ensuring that all patients were being followed appropriately.  She has been enthusiastically pulling reports herself from HealthMyne ever since.

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HealthMyne Lung Cancer Screening

HealthMyne equips organizations to advance lung cancer screening programs by providing access to new information for individualized care, LCS specific software for more efficient and comprehensive patient tracking and program data for quality metrics and accreditation requirements.

HealthMyne Lung Cancer Screening helps navigators efficiently and reliably track and manage patients, increase capacity to provide access to more patients and expedite care.