Innovative Partnership for End to End Radiomic Data Management and Analysis

Flywheel HealthMyne Fireside Chat: CEO Perspectives on the Value of an Integrated Platform for Radiomic Data Management and Analysis

Watch our fireside chat webinar to learn how to unlock the power of radiomic data within your imaging data curation and analytics pipeline. Perspectives from Flywheel’s and HealthMyne’s CEOs on the value of our seamless end-to-end radiomic data management and analysis platform were discussed. Accelerate translational research, drug discovery and clinical trials outcomes with new novel radiomic insights.
Speakers: Rose Higgins, CEO HealthMyne and Jim Olson, CEO Flywheel

Accelerating Radiomics Research And Clinical Trials Outcomes

Flywheel and HealthMyne have partnered to provide a combined platform that features an open, extensible architecture to facilitate the automation and streamlining of data curation, quantitative image analysis and radiomic computation.

Together, the combined technologies will enable life sciences companies and researchers to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of tumor or lesion response to a specific therapy
  • Acquire new insights to enrich clinical trials
  • Leverage novel data to better personalize treatments for the best patient outcomes

"The partnership between Flywheel and HealthMyne offers an innovative solution for end-to-end data management and quantitative analysis. While we at UW Madison have used each of these platforms independently for years, we are excited to be working with them together to streamline our imaging pipelines, manage data from many sources and create new novel radiomics data. The Flywheel and HealthMyne integrated solution accelerates the development of our outcomes models and enhances our translational research insights to tackle complex diseases such as cancer.“


- John Garrett, Assistant Professor and Director of Imaging Informatics
University of Wisconsin Department of Radiology

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