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the depths of your imaging data

Medical images are only the tip of the iceberg. AI-enabled Radiomics allows you to see what's below the surface. Learn more in our Ebook, Seeing Below the Line. Get the eBook

Medical images aren’t just pictures. They’re data to dive into.

Consider that 90% of healthcare data is comprised of medical images, and each image holds quantitative descriptors of tumor structure and lesion characteristics which are not discernible to the human reader. Life science organizations are rudderless with an absence of this critical imaging data to inform clinical trials, monitor therapy response, and drive value-based clinical outcomes.

Without analyzing imaging data, you’re in the dark.

At HealthMyne, we are pioneers in applied radiomics, the cutting-edge field of extracting novel data and biomarkers from medical images. We extract quantitative features or descriptors and convert medical images into mineable data that goes beyond tumor size and burden.

We help life science organizations like yours access and easily translate ground-breaking radiomic insights into use in research, commercial strategies, and personalized health agendas.

We believe Radiomics is the next wave in healthcare, unleashing the hidden power of imaging data to speed drug and treatment development and the achievement of personalized medicine. When combined, radiomics, genomic and clinical data provide a holistic and powerful toolkit for tackling complex disease like cancer.

Diver in the dark without data analysis

HealthMyne’s AI-enabled radiomic solution was leveraged in a retrospective study of soft tissue sarcoma patients with lung metastasis

Radiomics-based patient inclusion model improves clinical trail performance. Click below to read the full published research on how HealthMyne’s radiomic solution was leveraged by a leading research organization to determine that quantitative image analysis would have made a difference in clinical trial end points for soft tissue sarcoma patients.


Explore the Depths of Radiomic Data in Clinical Trials

Join HealthMyne and Fierce Biotech for this interactive panel to explore the depths of radiomic data in clinical trials. Learn real world applications and practical strategies for radiomic use in clinical trials, personalized drug development and therapy response.

During this session attendees will learn:

  • Challenges and practical strategies for radiomics use
  • Real world application of radiomics in research, drug discovery/development and treatment response
  • How radiomics can support evolving response evaluation criteria
  • The power of combining radiomics, genomics and clinical data to predict patient outcomes and personalize treatment
  • How advanced imaging analytics will support biomarker discovery and drive more personalized drug development

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Seeing Below the Line

Learn how radiomics brings to light previously undiscoverable imaging data and unleashes a wealth of valuable information for life science organizations to evaluate disease progression, monitor therapy response and predict clinical outcomes. Equipped with this powerful information you can create a more precise profile of who is most likely to benefit from individualized therapy in the real world.

Get the Ebook to find out how you can dive deeper into your imaging data and see below the line.

Radiomics is the next wave in healthcare, unleashing the hidden power of imaging data to speed drug and treatment development and the achievement of personalized medicine.

Radiomic Solutions for Life Sciences

Explore the depths of your imaging data with our Radiomics solutions for Life Sciences

HealthMyne’s Radiomic Precision Metrics™ (RPM) and Radiomic Discovery Services

Our innovative AI and radiomic informed solutions can help your organization curate and digitize data from medical images as well as extract radiomic features to accelerate drug development and deliver real world evidence of therapy response. In addition, radiomic data can enhance and expand existing clinical trials and deliver precise endpoints to inform trial design, inclusion criteria and trial cohorts.

HealthMyne’s Radiomic Informed Therapy Response Module

HealthMyne provides radiomic informed workflow tools for documenting therapy and treatment response, ensuring appropriate clinical protocol assignment, disease progression monitoring and efficiently tracking patients through the trial process.

Analyze Real-World Evidence of Therapy Response

  • Inform patient stratification and trial arm assignment
  • Potential to increase trial availability
  • Incorporate and automate trial protocol and reporting requirements
  • Monitor disease progression and response to therapy

Enhance and Expand Existing Clinical Trials

  • Incorporate radiomic insights in inclusion criteria and study design
  • Leverage more precise and diverse endpoints for improved outcomes
  • Measure radiomic data and response to therapy over time

Drive Value-based Clinical Outcomes

  • Correlate clinical value and improved patient outcomes with therapy
  • Transparency into patient population that will benefit from drug
  • Support value-based contracting and reimbursement strategies

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