Research continues to show that early screening is key to reducing lung cancer deaths

August 6, 2019 | Article

Screening has been shown to lead to early detection. When lung cancer is uncovered in its earliest stage, the five-year survival rate is better than 60 percent. Without screening, patients often don’t present until symptoms become obvious and the cancer has progressed to an advanced stage where survival drops to less than 4 percent.

Data presented at the 2018 World Conference on Lung Cancer in Toronto demonstrated a 26 percent drop in mortality rates for high-risk men and a 61 percent drop for high-risk women. In the study 85 percent of cancers were discovered in the early stages and was very treatable.

A recent article discusses early screening further and radiation oncologist Dr. Andrea McKee shares her insights. “We’ve never had the opportunity to make a difference in the No. 1 cancer killer of our time that we have now,” said McKee. “It’s why we feel this is so important to make everyone aware of what’s out there.”

HealthMyne is doing their part to help with early detection. Their Lung Cancer Screening module assists sites that are putting screening programs in place manage patients and make sure they receive the follow up and care needed. Interested in learning more? Request a demo.