Radiomics improves rectal cancer assessment

March 16, 2018 | Article

In a recent article posted on Radiology Business, the author reviews new published data showing how radiomics could improve the assessment of patients that receive neoadjuvant chemotherapy-radiation therapy (CRT). For patients that have complete response there would not be a need for additional surgery, but unfortunately there are no agreed upon selection criteria available that can reliably indicate which patients have clinical complete response (cCR).

The newly published data shows that radiomic features extracted from post treatment MRI had a specificity of 91% and a negative predictive value of 100% in determining which patients had achieved complete response. The performance “was significantly higher than that of qualitative assessment at T2-weighted imaging or diffusion-weighted imaging alone” and “may potentially improve the discrimination between pCR and cCR in patients with locally advanced rectal cancer.” This could save many patients the pain and danger of additional surgery and greatly save on healthcare costs.

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