Radiomics In Action Chapter 1

February 3, 2022 | eBook

Radiomics in Action: Translating Research into Personalized Treatment

Explore how radiomic insights derived from research are applied to individual patients’ treatment plans. Clinicians gain insights into disease identification, disease progression and therapy response, and the ability to deliver greater personalization of care.

In numerous trials and research studies, radiomics has demonstrated its ability to enable researchers to enhance trial inclusion criteria, identify biomarkers that can be used to predict treatment response for individual patients, and inform clinical decision-making.

Radiomics, the field of science that analyzes medical images using artificial intelligence (AI) to extract high-dimensional data or features beyond what is visually perceptible. These features or biomarkers provide unique information about a patients’ tumor or lesions and is particularly powerful when combined with genomic and clinical data to yield a “multi-omics” approach to care.

Radiomics In Action: Translating Research into Personalized Treatment | Chapter 1

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