Radiomics-based metastases prediction model wins journal prize

November 20, 2018 | Article

A research paper describing a texture-based model that predicts lung metastasis risk in soft-tissue sarcomas has won its authors the 2018 Physics in Medicine & Biology (PMB) citations prize. This annual prize recognizes the PMB paper that received the most citations in the preceding five years.

The paper provides more evidence that radiomics has the ability to predict prognoses for patients. The HealthMyne platform provides further insights into this data, such as visualizing heterogeneity to reveal the aggressiveness as a tumor. As soon as a lesion is identified at the point-of-read, RPM functionality determines the full radiomic profile and can match that to a signature* within seconds and then automatically include that information in the radiology report.

The full text article can be found here.

*Works in progress