Looking ‘outside the tumor’ to detect cancer

April 16, 2019 | Article

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University are among the first analyzing the regions outside a tumor and the blood vessels nearby to successfully predict whether those nodules are cancerous. Their latest research was highlighted in two recent publications in Radiology. Researchers are using radiomics to examine the shape of blood vessels feeding a nodule found on a lung CAT scan and in regions surrounding the tumor, and finding previously unrecorded changes in those blood vessels which accurately predict lung cancer.

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Quantification of images like this is achievable with the HealthMyne platform, making diagnosis from an existing CAT scan image possible, which could prevent many patients from having to have invasive procedures that are expensive, dangerous and painful. HealthMyne’s® RPM functionality determines the full radiomic profile and will be able to match that to a signature within seconds and then automatically include that information in the radiology report.