Incidental Findings: Time to Move on from “Cautious Proactivity?”

September 25, 2019 | Article

Incidental findings have caused radiologists and referring clinicians significant anxiety over the years: How should incidental findings be reported? And when reported, how can clinicians ensure they are followed up on appropriately? A recent Radiology Business article suggests that increased use of new and constantly improving imaging techniques has created an uptick in the number of incidental findings discovered, creating potential liability issues if they aren’t reported and the possibility of losing revenue if patients leave the network to get care.

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The HealthMyne Platform facilitates more thorough reporting and tracking, and helps clinicians prioritize patient care. HealthMyne’s Incidental Findings Module makes it easy to determine the correct follow up, providing comprehensive clinical decision support that walks users through decision trees based on established guidelines. Once an incidental finding is tagged, the patient is automatically added to a worklist that tracks patient progress and alerts coordinators to changes, helping ensure no one falls through the cracks.