Inadequate Follow Up on Incidental Findings Can Delay Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

September 19, 2019 | Article

Incidental findings of lung nodules are common and often missed, but when a patient who is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer learns there was an unreported incidental finding during a period when the lung cancer was treatable, the discovery can expose the entire care team to liability.

In this case study,  an orthopedic surgeon failed to review or follow up on the results of a preoperative chest x-ray, which resulted in a delayed diagnosis of lung cancer.

The incidental finding slipped through the cracks because responsibility for managing it were not defined. Experts who reviewed the case noted that every member of the healthcare team had an opportunity to act on the abnormal finding but failed to do so.

HealthMyne’s Incidental Findings module alerts coordinators who manage incidental findings, helps the radiologist determine the correct follow up, facilitates communication to the patient and the patient’s physician and tracks follow-up.

Click here to download the HealthMyne Incidental Findings Module datasheet.