Can You Improve Targeting for Lung Cancer Screening?

October 2, 2019 | Article

A new study exploring how lung cancer screening programs can reach more patients finds that coupling screening with smoking cessation counseling has an additive benefit on lung cancer mortality. Radiology Business reports on study findings that suggest effectively targeting smokers, individuals of lower socioeconomic status, and those who face barriers to care improves outcomes for screening programs. In addition, leveraging patient navigators to interview potential patients, discuss risks and benefits of screening also has been shown to improve screening modalities.

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The Cancer Screening Module within the HealthMyne Platform is integrated with electronic medical records (EMR) data and can automatically pull information such as smoking history to help pinpoint patient eligibility. The module acts as a hub for communication between navigators, patients and providers, making it much more efficient and bringing clinical information to their fingertips. Through the included Thoracic Tools, HealthMyne provides reports showing a patient’s lung capacity, which can be used as visual aids to encourage patients to quit smoking. Clients or prospective clients can also tap into the expertise of National Cancer Screening Expert Hilary Deskins, who brings her 30 years of experience in developing cancer screening programs directly to sites so they can avoid pitfalls and have a roadmap to success for their programs. Contact us to learn more.