Can new risk calculators improve upon Lung-RADS for cancer screening?

March 11, 2019 | Article

A recent study showed that the Vancouver Risk Calculator (VRC) had significantly higher sensitivity than Lung-RADS. VRC’s sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy also were higher on a per patient basis. While the research team stopped short of recommending providers replace Lung-RADS with VRC, they instead suggest considering VRC as a second and complementary method.

Read the full article, complete with reasons for this recommendation here.

While there are several additional lung nodule risk calculators out there (Mayo is a well known one), VRC shows very high accuracy. The HealthMyne Platform calculates Lung-RADS automatically and includes a customizable nodule-risk calculator to which VRC could easily be added. In addition, the HealthMyne calculator eliminates most hand-entry of data by capturing information provided by RPM functionality and data pulled into the PatientCare Timeline®.