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AI-enabled Radiomics Revolutionizes Cancer Research and Treatment on AWS

May 31, 2021 | Resource

Derek CooperNik King By Derek Cooper, Senior Vice President Customer Success & Nik King, Lead Dev Ops Engineer

The Challenge

As an advanced medical imaging analytics solution, HealthMyne is critically dependent on highly available, scalable, and reliable infrastructure with very strong storage and graphics capabilities.  In particular, HealthMyne puts client workstations under intense computing pressure for its image processing needs, including rendering images, enabling image review and analytics, extracting thousands of radiomics metrics per image, and applying machine learning models and deep learning–all in real time.  This problem is often exacerbated in the clinical setting by complex radiology and imaging workstations already executing a number of additional software packages, each with unique and intense demands.

The Goal

To address this need, we sought a highly scalable solution requiring minimal maintenance from HealthMyne and minimal investment from our customers.

The Solution

After reviewing several solutions from most of the major players in the virtual workstation and imaging industry, we selected Amazon AppStream 2.0 as the primary distribution mechanism for the HealthMyne imaging workstation.