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The Basics of the Incidental Findings Module

HealthMyne’s Incidental Findings Module is designed to simplify the process of identifying and ensuring follow-up for incidental findings discovered in CT, MRI, and PET imaging studies. Radiologist mark incidentals within their standard workflows and clinical decision support guides them to the correct recommendations. Once an incidental is marked it is automatically added to the web-based worklist to ensure patients get follow ups in recommended time frames.

Statistics show only 30% of incidental findings receive appropriate follow up.1  Earlier detection is a key factor in survival for most cancers and failure to follow up can expose radiologists, oncologists and the entire multidisciplinary care team to future liability. While a large percentage of incidental findings do not require follow-up. For the ones that do, keeping patients within the same health care system reduces patient leakage, and can result in additional revenues from subsequent testing and treatment.

How The Incidental Findings Module Helps You

From the Point-of-Read to the Point-of-Care

Multidisciplinary Clinicians

  • Increase the percentage of incidentals that receive appropriate follow-up

  • Impact patient survival chances

  • Track and monitor patients

  • Reduce liability

Coordinators & Nurse Navigators

  • Ensure patients get follow ups in recommended time frames
  • Receive notification of follow-up appointments
  • Create and track letters to patients
  • Assign coordinators based on business intelligence


  • Mark incidentals in your workflow
  • Guides you through appropriate follow-up recommendations
  • Ensure patients are tracked and monitored
  • Reduce future liability due to a failure to follow-up

Oncology Care Executives

  • Reduce future liabilities due to lack of appropriate follow-up

  • Reduce leakage
  • Increase revenues from follow-up imaging, testing, and care paths
  • Track diagnoses and reasons for leaving the program

Web-based Interface for tracking and follow-up

Marking an Incidental

Inline decision support - follow-up Guidelines Decision Tree (ACR Liver Example)

The Incidental Findings Module Details

Incidental findings pose a real problem for most healthcare enterprises. Due to siloed information, communication issues, and manual processes, it has been shown that less than 30% of all incidentals are ever followed up on. This not only leads to suboptimal care, but also opens the hospital and all clinicians involved to liabilities if a patient presents with advanced disease later that could have been treated at an earlier stage. The Incidental Findings Module aims to simplify the process of tracking and following up on all incidentals in the following ways:

  • When a radiologist identifies an incidental finding a simple click of the mouse marks it for follow-up
  • Instantly consult follow-up guidelines based on leading research. The system guides users through a decision tree using quantitative data extracted using Rapid Precise Metrics (RPM)™ combined with data from the EMR
    • Guidelines include: Lung: Fleischner Society Guidelines • Liver: ACR Guidelines • Pancreas: ACR Guidelines • Kidney: ACR Guidelines • Adrenal Gland: ACR Guidelines
  • The patient is automatically added to the web-based worklist that includes recommended follow-up and deadlines. Business rules can automatically assign Care Coordinators based on body area, referring facility or radiologist, or other available parameters
  • Navigators receive notification of follow-up appointments through integration with scheduling systems
  • Patients are automatically prioritized with clear indicators for those that require immediate attention
  • Communications, including the ability to send templated letters to both patients and providers are tracked

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