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Incidental Findings

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Integrated workflow solution for early identification of incidental findings, comprehensive patient tracking, and radiomic-informed decisions.

HealthMyne’s Incidental Findings Module is designed to simplify the process of identifying and ensuring follow-up for incidental findings discovered in CT, MRI, and PET imaging studies. Radiologists mark incidentals within their standard workflows and radiomic decision support guides them to the correct recommendations.

Research shows that as little as *35% of incidental findings receive appropriate follow up. Earlier detection is a key factor in survival for most cancers and failure to follow-up can expose radiologists, oncologists and the entire multidisciplinary care team to future liability.

Implement a reliable program for flagging and monitoring incidental findings

  • Provide a higher standard of quality care
  • Provide access to more patients
  • Expedite patient care
  • Improve patient outcomes and experience
  • Foster multidisciplinary collaboration and communication
  • Incorporate radiomic data for more informed treatment

Instantly consult follow-up guidelines based on leading research

The system guides users through a decision tree using quantitative data extracted from Radiomic Precision Metrics (RPM) combined with data from the EMR.

Guidelines include:

  • Lung: Fleischner Society Guidelines
  • Liver: ACR Guidelines
  • Pancreas: ACR Guidelines
  • Kidney: ACR Guidelines
  • Adrenal Gland: ACR Guidelines

HealthMyne incidental findings helps ensure timely and appropriate care

As little as 35% of incidental findings reported in radiology reports may not receive proper follow-up.1


In one study of  incidental pulmonary nodules detected on CT pulmonary angiography, the authors found that approximately 10% of studies showed nodules requiring follow-up; however 71% were not.2


1. Online Journal Of Issues In Nursing (May, 2020)  |  2. Blagev DP et al. Journal of the American College of Radiology 2014.


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