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Advanced Technologies — AI and Deep Learning

AI and Deep Learning are innovative technologies that HealthMyne embraces to continue to evolve its proprietary algorithms. HealthMyne is committed to leveraging all new and existing approaches to ensure delivery of consistent metrics that our clients need to inform precise patient management, treatment development, and research innovation.

AI and Deep Learning advanced technology methods are leveraged within the HealthMyne software suite in numerous ways:

Exam Groups

Determining the correct exam groups for retrieving priors and organizing image files — AI is utilized to identify body areas and correctly identify relevant priors in both CT and MR

Initial Contour Outline

Radiomic Precision Metrics (RPM) — AI is utilized to create the initial 2D outlines of the lesion based on the clinical readers’ input

3D Segmentation

Radiomic Precision Metrics (RPM) — AI learns from the initial and subsequent inputs from the reader to create the full 3D segmentation

Organ Segmentation

AI and Deep Learning are utilized for training and testing algorithms and segmentation models

Organ Intelligence

AI and Deep Learning are used along with math-driven disciplines to determine normal vs. abnormal tissue, vessel mapping, organ masks, and automatic organ identification

Advanced technologies — novel algorithms

HealthMyne’s novel algorithms leverage leading-edge technology to provide consistent quantitative measurements across users and timepoints. Vessel mapping and organ-specific smarts go beyond Hounsfield Unit (HU) thresholding and what the eye can see to provide an intelligent contour.

HealthMyne uses a combination of the following disciplines to produce accurate 3D lesion contours that take every voxel into account.

Computational Geometry

3D Surface Deformation


Bayesian Probability



HealthMyne interoperability

HealthMyne employs a robust interoperability strategy to ensure our clients have access to the comprehensive data driving today’s personalized healthcare solutions.

  • A standards-first position, with support for modern interoperability needs, including FHIR, HL7, CCD, and DICOM.
  • A robust family of APIs to easily enable the ability to plug into numerous complex ecosystems as well as address any gaps in the standards-based integration methods.

HealthMyne cloud deployment approach

HealthMyne is a cloud-first organization leveraging AWS to bring the latest cloud technologies to our clients. Our cloud deployment approach ensures the highest availability, scalability, and performance. With a zero-footprint strategy, HealthMyne is committed to bringing high value with minimal infrastructure investment costs to our clients. HealthMyne offers a fully virtual solution — including its web services and advanced imaging workstations.

HealthMyne Data Process

Data security & privacy

HealthMyne has partnered with Cloudticity — a provider of managed cloud security and compliance services — to bring HITRUST certified infrastructure to our clients. This partnership allows HealthMyne to offer the latest in automation technology to ensure compliance with and rapid response to security needs, including fully automated anti-virus, vulnerability management, intrusion detection and mitigation, patching, and back-ups.

HealthMyne performs routine penetration testing and ensures all data are secured end-to-end, including encryption in-flight (TLS1.2+ with strong cyphers) and at-rest (AES-256).

With a customer base in the US and Europe, HealthMyne maintains compliance with HIPAA and GDPR requirements*.

HealthMyne Cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and managed by Cloudticity has earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST

*VeraSafe has been appointed as HealthMyne Inc.'s representative in the European Union for data protection matters, pursuant to Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. If you are in the European Economic Area, VeraSafe can be contacted in addition to HealthMyne, only on matters related to the processing of personal data. To make such an inquiry, please contact VeraSafe using this contact form: https://verasafe.com/public-resources/contact-data-protection-representative or via telephone at: +420 228 881 031.

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