HealthMyne Platform Ensures Consistent Long and Short Lesion Measurements

By HealthMyne | March 29, 2018 | Blog

A new video, in a series, designed to showcase how HealthMyne’s Quantitative Imaging Decision Support (QIDS)™ platform improves radiologist productivity, clinical workflow, and patient management decisions, focuses on our innovative solution to the problem of inter- and intra-reader variability when it comes to cancer lesion measurement.

Because previously available measurement tools do not promote measurement consistency, it has been difficult at the point-of-read to provide definitive long and short lesion measurements that would better inform oncologists making important patient care decisions.

With the HealthMyne QIDS platform however, a radiologist simply pulls a line similar to doing a long measurement and a smart algorithm kicks in, finds the lesion boundaries, and determines the true long and short measurements. It doesn’t matter which radiologist pulls the line, the results will be consistent each time. Structured, quantified data can even automatically be transferred to the report without dictation, removing another source of possible error, and making it easier for referring physicians to obtain the quantitative information they need.

Allowing radiologists to deliver more consistent, standardized imaging data in mineable reports that can easily be understood by referring clinicians, the QIDS platform eliminates unnecessary gaps in communication and collaboration, improving oncologists’ ability to make important care decisions and can produce better results for cancer patients. If you’d like to learn more about the ability of the QIDS platform to improve lesion measurement consistency, watch the video below.



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