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HealthMyne Partners with LuCa on PCP Training for Lung Cancer Care

October 24, 2019 | Blog

Primary care provider (PCP) education is essential for impacting lung cancer – the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. To address this need, the LuCa (Lung Cancer) National Training Network provides free training, tools and technical assistance to help PCPs improve their care of patients at risk for or diagnosed with lung cancer. HealthMyne is proud to partner with LuCa on its latest online course “Lung Cancer and the Primary Care Provider” that launched in the summer of 2019.

LuCa poster featured image

While the online course is still very new, early PCP participants have reported significant value in taking the course. Results to date and conclusions were presented at a poster session at the recent World Conference of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) in Barcelona.

LuCa’s IASLC presentation emphasized the essential nature of PCP education on lung cancer screening, shared decision making, tobacco cessation, treatment advances, and survivorship care to maximize the benefits for eligible patients and reduce the burden of lung cancer. It highlighted the use of innovative technology to engage PCPs and influence practice behaviors. For example, the interactive course incorporates non-traditional features such as animated scenarios and survivor and provider video testimonials.

While the adoption of new screening and prevention modalities takes time, the LuCa presentation asserts that high-quality training with simple downloadable practice tools can accelerate the implementation of emerging best practices. Further, provider education must be engaging, evidence-based, convenient and cutting-edge in order to capture PCP focus given competing demands and to affect knowledge and confidence on complex lung cancer topics.

For a free copy of the LuCa IASLC presentation poster, click here.  And, for more information regarding HealthMyne’s advanced lung cancer screening software for the multidisciplinary team, schedule your own personal demo here.