Early Images Can Extend A Loved One’s Cancer Story

By HealthMyne | May 9, 2018 | It Started With An Image

There are many, many stories out there about the power of images to diagnose and treat patients with cancer. And, new technologies available today and on the horizon are increasing that power.

That’s why the team at HealthMyne is so proud of what they do. HealthMyne’s innovative software platform helps radiologists, oncologists, pulmonologists, and other clinicians who diagnose and treat cancer patients do their jobs more efficiently and with more consistency. Enabling enhanced clinical decision support (CDS) workflows such as Incidental Findings Management, Tumor Board Preparation and Management, Cancer Screening, can allow patients to get diagnosed faster and get on treatment faster, which studies show is the key to higher survival rates.

HealthMyne’s Vice President of Marketing Neal Miller is a key part of the team working to make a difference in people’s lives affected by cancer. His own personal story, about his mother’s cancer fight, motivates him to push the company to continually do more to develop emerging technology. Miller says in the coming years, HealthMyne’s platform could make it possible to diagnose whether a lesion is cancerous or not, tell you what kind of cancer it is, determine prognosis, and even what drug will work best – all from the image itself.

“We are poised to be the first to put the science of radiomics into the workflow of clinicians,” Miller says. “Imagine the time, money, pain and suffering that will be saved or eliminated by not requiring invasive biopsies. How much faster will patients be able to start treatment? How many lives might be saved?”

Miller’s mom worked on the forefront of healthcare herself, as an employee of the first HMO that was established in Wisconsin. On one work day more than 30 years ago, the HMO was having their first mammogram machine installed and needed volunteers to help them do quality assurance. Always wanting to be helpful, she raised her hand. You can read her full story here, but in a nutshell, that accidental, “test” image was the start of her cancer story, and the imaging technology of that time extended her life by almost 30 years.

“I have been lucky that for a good portion of my working years I have had the honor of helping develop and market new technologies that are designed to make a difference for those fighting cancer,” Miller says. “We can do so much more though, and this is what excites me more than anything about the future of this company, the people I work with, and the technology we are developing.”

If you have a cancer story to share that started with an image, we’d love to feature it on our blog. Submit it here and we will let you know when we put it on our schedule.