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Leveraging Radiomic Data to Inform Clinical Trials

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Drug development and commercialization costs continue to skyrocket while only 1 out of every 10 compounds in clinical trial will make it to regulatory submission. The ability of CROs to better serve their life science clients by accelerating drug development timelines and by providing effective and efficient clinical trials management is essential. On average, life science companies can save $135M from one drug not progressing from Phase II to Phase III, proving the need for informed clinical trials.

At HealthMyne, we are pioneers in applied radiomics, the cutting-edge field of extracting novel data and biomarkers from medical images. Our AI and Radiomic informed suite of solutions can enhance and expand existing clinical trials with new imaging data and deliver precise endpoints to adapt trial design.

Maximize the Power of Your Imaging Data

Curate Imaging Data Pipeline

  1. Aggregate and manage multi-modal imaging data
  2. Minimize variation across readers
  3. Reveal “below the surface” radiomic insights
  4. Capture imaging derived phenotypes (IDPs)
  5. Identify metrics for use in drug development and trials management pipeline

Discover and Leverage Imaging Biomarkers

  1. Inform and manage patient recruitment and cohort design
  2. Leverage in study design, inclusion criteria and stratification
  3. Inform drug phase advancement and trial end points
  4. Develop predictive and prognostic capacity

Enhance and Expand Existing Clinical Trials

  1. Incorporate radiomic insights in inclusion criteria and study design
  2. Leverage more precise and diverse endpoints for improved outcomes
  3. Measure radiomic data and response to therapy over time
  4. Support adaptive trial design

Drive Value-based Clinical Outcomes

  1. Correlate clinical value and improved patient outcomes with therapy
  2. Transparency into patient population that will benefit from treatment
  3. Support value-based care and reimbursement strategies

Predict Response Earlier in Care Journey

  1. Inform treatment journey through use of imaging biomarkers
  2. Leverage indicators of patient outcomes from clinical trials
  3. Inform real world evidence of therapy response

Analyze Real-World Evidence of Therapy Response

  1. Inform patient stratification and trial arm assignment
  2. Improve patient retention on protocols
  3. Potential to increase trial availability
  4. Incorporate and automate trial protocol and reporting requirements
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Radiomics to Inform Trial Design, Inclusion Criteria and Cohorts

Leveraging Radiomics data at the start of the trial design will enhance clinical precision and adaptability of the trial — improving patient outcomes and ultimately saving drug development costs.

  • Stratify trial design with imaging biomarkers
  • Enrich the study population with patients who are more likely to respond to treatment
  • Incorporate relevant Imaging Data Phenotypes (IDPs) at trial outset for use in trial adaptation
  • Accelerate trial timelines

Radiomic Solutions for CROs

Our innovative AI and radiomic informed solutions can help your extract radiomic features to accelerate drug development and deliver real world evidence of therapy response. In addition, radiomic data can enhance and expand existing clinical trials and deliver precise endpoints to inform trial design, inclusion criteria and trial cohorts.

Learn more about HealthMyne’s Radiomic Precision Metrics™ (RPM) and Radiomic Discovery Services

HealthMyne provides radiomic informed workflow tools for documenting therapy and treatment response, ensuring appropriate clinical protocol assignment and efficiently tracking patients through the trial process.

Learn more about HealthMyne’s Radiomic Informed Therapy Response Module