Struggling to manage your cancer screening patients?

The Basics of the Cancer Screening Module

HealthMyne’s Cancer Screening Module is a single web-based platform for tracking, communicating and reporting on patients who may be at a higher risk for developing cancer. Automation provides efficiency so more patients can benefit from regular screenings that drive better outcomes.

Screening programs have been shown to be a key factor in reducing the risk of dying from certain cancers. For patients with a highrisk of developing lung cancer, screening has been shown to reduce the risk of death by 20%.1 Unfortunately, a recent study also showed that less than 2% of patients eligible are receiving screening.2 Some of the largest barriers reported as to why this number is so low is internal workflow issues and staffing/ time limitations. By automating the tasks of tracking, communicating and reporting on patients in these programs a much larger percentage can receive recommended screening and more cancers will be caught early with better outcomes.

How The Cancer Screening Module Helps You

From the Point-of-Read to the Point-of-Care

Multidisciplinary Clinicians

  • Expand well beyond the 2% currently being screened
  • Make sure no one slips through the cracks
  • Achieve better results for patients

Coordinators & Nurse Navigators

  • Determine if patients meet eligibility requirements
  • Receive notification of follow-up appointments
  • Upload data to the ACR registry automatically
  • Know which patients need immediate attention
  • Understand what actions are required
  • Receive notification of biopsy and lab results


  • Open cases in HealthMyne straight from the worklist
  • Acquire quantitative imaging parameters for determining Lung-RADS™
  • Calculate Lung-RADS automatically
  • Determines correct follow-up
  • Indicates if correct follow-up has been completed

Oncology Care Executives

  • Reduce leakage - keep more patients in the network

  • Increase hospital revenue for every nodule that is managed

  • Free up valuable staff for other patient centered activities

  • Track diagnoses and reasons for leaving the program

Lung-RADS Report

Worklist showing patients needing attention

Imaging information automatically captured for ACR submission

The Cancer Screening Module Details

One of the top reasons that is given for facilities not starting or not having a successful cancer screening program is the difficulty in setting up and managing the patients once they are enrolled. The Cancer Screening Module in HealthMyne is designed to mitigate these difficulties and does so in the following ways:*

  • Patients that undergo low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) are automatically tagged as lung cancer screening cases
  • At the Point-of-Read the cases can be launched automatically in HealthMyne so that the radiologist doesn't need to remember where these cases should be read
  • RPM functionality allows the radiologist to easily acquire consistent long and short measurements, a quantitative %GGO, and other relevant patient information necessary for determining the Lung-RADS score
    • For follow-up cases, any tracked lesions are automatically propagated forward so there is no guessing which lesions require analysis
  • A Lung-RADS report is automatically created and added to the database and the Navigator is notified that new information is available for the patient
  • The web-based worklist is populated with all of the pertinent information and patients requiring attention are brought to the top of the list and flagged accordingly
  • Navigators can create letters to both patients and caregivers and record communications to all parties involved
  • Navigators receive notification of follow-up appointments through integration with scheduling systems
  • The Module automatically captures all information necessary for submission to the ACR and verifies patient eligibility
    • This includes information about the imaging itself such as scanner modality, manufacturer and model, plus CTDI and DLP calculations
  • ACR submission is completely automatic and even updates automatically when new information is available for a patient


*Currently optimized for lung cancer screening, but other body areas will be added in subsequent releases

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