Published Research Validates HealthMyne’s Radiomic Technology as a Robust Predictor of Tumor Response and Biomarker Identification

April 27, 2021 | Press Release

HealthMyne’s advanced imaging analytics solution earns scientific validation from Cancer Control study

Madison, Wisconsin, April 28, 2021 - HealthMyne, a pioneer in applied radiomics, announced today that a recent scientific publication has validated the company’s technology as a radiomics tool to inform clinical decision-making, identify imaging biomarkers and predict tumor response to cancer treatment.

In the article published in Cancer Control in January 2021, researchers led by Roberta Fusco evaluated HealthMyne’s technology as a quantitative imaging decision support tool for radiomic analysis of lung carcinoma in chest CT scans. The study examined 150 patients with histologically confirmed lung cancer who underwent chemotherapy with baseline and follow-ups CT scans.

Radiologists segmented each patient’s lesion and automatically collected the longest diameter and the density mean value using HealthMyne’s advanced imaging analytics solution. The researchers demonstrated that a significant correlation was obtained between measurements conducted by HealthMyne and the radiologists. In addition, the HealthMyne platform’s ease-of-use and consistency improved lesion measurement, decreased variability and showed efficiency gains. The use of tools like HealthMyne for monitoring the response to cancer therapies is fundamental to obtain quantitative measurements automatically and to reduce the intra- and inter-reader variability, according to the researchers.

The study demonstrated that HealthMyne’s quantitative volumetric delineation was consistent and that 13 radiomic metrics extracted by the system were significant and robust predictors of RECIST response. The radiomic metrics were identified as parameters to quantitatively track the change in tumor size over time and therefore could be used to assess or predict the response to cancer treatment in the lungs, according to the researchers.

“By extracting hundreds of data points about the biology of a tumor or lesion, radiomics delivers the ability to benefit every point of a cancer patient’s journey, from diagnosis to treatment to survival,” said Rose Higgins, CEO, HealthMyne. “This published research validates that HealthMyne’s technology offers clinicians, researchers and life sciences companies a powerful new weapon in the battle against cancer.”

“Every cancer patient’s journey begins with an image that represents a hallmark of that particular stage of the journey,” said Mimi Huizinga, MD, MPH, FACP, a member of HealthMyne’s board of directors. “HealthMyne’s technology goes beneath the surface of those images, analyzing more than 2,300 data points for any lesion or tumor, delivering specific, detailed data to provide quantitative insights related to therapy response, treatment personalization and disease progression.”