HealthMyne Introduces New Website and Brand Identity

March 9, 2017 | Press Release

Identity refined to reflect evolution of the brand; website features solution-focused content

HealthMyne Inc., an innovator in the emerging field of quantitative imaging decision support software, today launched a new website and unveiled refreshed branding as an extension of the company’s strategic vision.

Due to volume demands and lack of state-of-the-art tools, radiologists struggle to deliver consistent, standardized data to their referrers, resulting in unnecessary gaps in communication and collaboration. HealthMyne’s Quantitative Imaging Decision Support (QIDS)™ software platform addresses these challenges by providing clinical decision support within the clinical read and back out to the multidisciplinary team to enable precise patient management and drive clinical productivity.

“The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly and HealthMyne is at the center of this transformation,” said HealthMyne CEO Arvind Subramanian. “Historically, radiologists were focused on volume, but now with changes to reimbursement and quality reporting, they are investing in technology, processes and innovation that deliver value.” HealthMyne’s refreshed logo and branding visually represent the company’s unique ability to help clinicians find the intersection where volume and value coexist.

The new mobile-optimized website,, incorporates the company’s refined brand identity and delivers a seamless user experience and rich, solution-focused content that addresses how HealthMyne fosters collaboration by delivering value across multiple clinical specialties starting with oncology.

According to Subramanian, thoroughly defining QIDS (pronounced KWIDS), was one of the highest priorities with the new website. QIDS is the company’s FDA-cleared software platform that delivers image quantification, analytics and clinical information into the primary workflow. “QIDS is a game-changer for our customers, and it presents radiologists an opportunity to elevate their profile as consultative members of the care team,” said Subramanian.

The new website will expand to include a host of educational materials including clinician-authored white papers and opportunities to participate in webinars for continued learning. “This new website takes HealthMyne to the next level and allows us to connect with customers like never before,” added Subramanian.

High resolution logo files and screenshots of HealthMyne’s new website are available upon request.