HealthMyne Brings More Value to Every Oncology Read at the 2017 RSNA Conference

November 16, 2017 | Press Release

Because every cancer patient’s story starts with an image

Attendees of the 2017 RSNA conference can learn how easy it is to accelerate their reads and elevate their reports by including quantitative data on every oncology read by visiting the HealthMyne booth, #4960.

Even if a patient and their doctor have an idea that something is wrong, the story only begins when a radiologist declares that an abnormality seen on an image is cancer. The information contained in the initial and follow-up reports is used to determine the patient’s progress and therefore needs to be as comprehensive, precise, and consistent as possible.

In the HealthMyne Platform, a simple mouse gesture, similar to pulling a measurement, provides Radiologists with consistent long and short values that flow to the radiology report in a structured format so there is no need to dictate numbers. Follow-up cases are simplified by automatically opening and registering prior image sets. All previously identified lesions are also propagated to today’s images with long and short measurements ascertained and awaiting approval.

Beyond the report, the quantitative measurements in the HealthMyne Platform are utilized in a variety of ways to increase Radiology and the Multidisciplinary Care Team’s value across the enterprise, including streamlined Tumor Board preparation and management of these sessions; efficient management of the complex therapy response for clinical trials process; and real-time Incidental Findings documentation, follow-up, scheduling, and tracking.

Attendees can experience the full breadth and depth of the HealthMyne platform by taking part in a demo during the conference at the booth.