Flywheel and HealthMyne Partner to Provide End-to-End Radiomic Data Management and Analysis

July 7, 2021 | Press Release

Combined technology solution to accelerate radiomics research and clinical trial outcomes

Minneapolis, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin, July 7, 2021 - Flywheel, the leading cloud-scale informatics platform for medical research and collaboration, and HealthMyne, a pioneer in applied radiomics, announced today a partnership that will combine the companies’ technologies to accelerate radiomics research and advance clinical trials outcomes for life sciences and clinical research clients.

Combining Flywheel’s comprehensive informatics platform with HealthMyne’s artificial-intelligence-enabled radiomics solutions provides an innovative approach for clinical trials and oncology research. The combined platform features an open, extensible architecture to facilitate the automation and streamlining of data curation, quantitative image analysis and radiomic computation.

Flywheel provides an end-to-end research workflow solution that helps life sciences, clinical and academic researchers transform productivity, curation, and collaboration with medical research data. HealthMyne’s solution performs radiomic analysis, which is the process of extracting and converting quantitative descriptors of tumor structure and lesion characteristics into mineable data, to support emerging therapy development and response assessment approaches.

Together, the combined technologies will enable life sciences companies and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of tumor or lesion response to a specific therapy, acquire new insights to enrich clinical trials and leverage novel data to better personalize treatments for the best patient outcomes.

“By combining medical imaging and genomics data on a single cloud-scalable platform, researchers can now enter uncharted territory in healthcare innovation - streamlined, enterprise-scale radiomics research. HealthMyne's innovative algorithms on Flywheel's platform will not only provide valuable insights in clinical trials but also accelerate the development of new discoveries in cancer research," said Jim Olson, CEO, Flywheel.

“Leveraging Flywheel’s bioinformatics platform coupled with HealthMyne’s ability to compute advanced imaging analytics and reveal radiomic insights further enhances the understanding of disease progression, treatment response and clinical trial outcomes”, said Rose Higgins, CEO, HealthMyne. “This partnership will enable our clients to fully realize the value of their imaging pipeline to help tackle complex diseases such as cancer.”


About HealthMyne

HealthMyne® is a pioneer in applied radiomics, the cutting-edge field of extracting novel data and biomarkers from medical images. Our FDA-approved and CE marked, AI-enabled solutions allow organizations to easily access and translate groundbreaking radiomic insights into use in research, clinical outcomes, and treatment pathways. By leveraging radiomics, our clients and partners can accelerate the development and delivery of the best possible treatments.

HealthMyne’s approach is based upon the premise that every cancer patient’s story begins with an image. We believe that unleashing the hidden power of imaging data and radiomics will revolutionize personalized care -- ensuring the right treatment every time. Our mission is to advance precision health initiatives through accessible and translatable radiomic data. To learn more visit


About Flywheel

Flywheel is the leading research data platform that’s transforming the way biomedical and imaging data are managed at leading life sciences, clinical, and academic institutions globally. Flywheel provides a comprehensive research data solution with all the tools needed for curation, image processing, machine learning workflows, and secure collaboration. Flywheel is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and has offices in the Bay Area, Washington D.C., and Budapest, Hungary. For more information on our mission and products, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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