FirstHealth of the Carolinas Selects HealthMyne

March 21, 2019 | News

FirstHealth will initially implement HealthMyne to advance its Lung Cancer Screening Program and streamline tumor conference collaboration

HealthMyne Inc., a company focused on delivering quantitative imaging decision support for radiology and oncology, was recently selected by FirstHealth of the Carolinas to advance multiple oncology-related programs, including lung cancer screening and tumor conferences. FirstHealth is the first in the region to implement HealthMyne, which is the only platform on the market that combines quantitative imaging data with clinical information to power improved collaboration and communication between providers and patients.

“HealthMyne will help us advance and expand our Lung Cancer Screening Program,” said Michael Pritchett, D.O., MPH, pulmonary specialist at Pinehurst Medical Clinic and director of the Chest Center of the Carolinas at FirstHealth. “Our Lung Cancer Screening Program has been successful; we are detecting cancers earlier and educating the public on early detection. With HealthMyne, we will now be able to screen more patients and improve tracking and follow-up. We will also have access to more accurate information that will help us make better clinical decisions. Our reporting and communications will also improve with HealthMyne as information is automatically and readily available to the entire care team.”

FirstHealth will also launch the HealthMyne Tumor Conference Module to streamline preparation and presentation of patients in their multidisciplinary thoracic oncology conferences.

"We realize that we need more efficiency in both preparing and running our conferences. This will allow us to include more patients who can benefit from these important multidisciplinary reviews,” added Dr. Pritchett.

HealthMyne’s Cancer Screening Module helps providers track, communicate and report on patients who are at high risk of developing cancer. Automation provides efficiency so more patients can benefit from regular screenings that drive better outcomes. HealthMyne can help determine if patients are eligible for screening, track lesions and calculate relevant scores, create rich reports, upload data to the American College of Radiology registry, alert clinicians when patients need immediate follow-up, and send notifications of biopsy and lab results.

HealthMyne’s comprehensive Tumor Conference Module can help providers positively impact care and outcomes by increasing the number of patients that benefit from the collaborative knowledge shared in tumor conferences. Armed with a patient-centric view of key clinical events and imaging related findings, tumor conference participants review and access the same information and collaboratively discuss patient management and treatment.

FirstHealth will next implement HealthMyne to help identify and track lung nodules that are found incidentally during other imaging studies that fall outside of lung cancer screening, as well as HealthMyne’s Therapy Response module to more accurately assess response to treatments during cancer clinical trials.