AI Insights: Personal Touch

October 7, 2021 | Coverage

Rose HigginsMimi HuizingaBy Rose Higgins and Mimi Huizinga, MD, MPH, FACP

Radiomics improves the cancer patient's journey.

The science of genomics changed cancer research and treatment by giving clinicians the ability to understand how specific genes predicted the likelihood of acquiring cancer or the success of a particular therapy.

Radiomics represents the next great advance in oncology research and treatment. Radiomics is a relatively novel technology that helps life sciences and health care organizations unlock hundreds of previously unobtainable data points from images, such as MRIs and PET scans, by using AI-powered algorithms to extract information about the biology of tumors and lesions.

Health care organizations can compare radiomic data with similar data from past images, as well as the biology of healthy organs, to gain a deeper understanding of tumor or lesion response to a specific therapy, enabling better decision making about care and treatment along every step of a cancer patient’s journey. Following is a deeper explanation of how.