Meet Our Team

HealthMyne has its roots in a conversation one night between a few entrepreneurs in Madison, Wisconsin. While they each had successful healthtech startups under their belts, this time they were looking to do something even more innovative.

These entrepreneurs were looking for a way to make a difference for doctors, both in workflow and in results. They not only sought to ensure that patient care was cost-effective and productive, but were ultimately looking to benefit patient health outcomes.

The HealthMyne Leadership Team is comprised of technology experts with a diverse range of specialties and backgrounds. Our team’s proven expertise spans everything from diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology to point-of-care applications software, informatics and medical content.

Leadership Team

Linda Peitzman

Linda Peitzman, MD

Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO)

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John Pins


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Neal Miller

Neal Miller, MBA

Vice President of Marketing

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Mike Hostetler, MBA

VP of Sales

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Derek Cooper

VP of Customer Success

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Board of Directors

John Kuelper, J.D., MBA

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Rock Mackie

T. “Rock” Mackie, Ph.D.


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Milton Silva Craig

Milton Silva-Craig, J.D., MBA

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Scott Button

Scott Button, CFA, MBA

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Dan Malven

Dan Malven, MBA

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Ph.D. Team

David Gering, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

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Roger Chylla

Roger Chylla, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

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Hao Wang, Ph.D.

VP of Systems Architecture

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David Schlesinger, Ph.D.

Product Manager

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Annie Malkus, Ph.D.

Imaging Developer

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Mark Gehring

Senior Technology Advisor & Co-Founder

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Gary Wendt

Gary Wendt, MD, MBA

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Robert Gillies

Robert J. Gillies, Ph.D.

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Peter Hoban, Ph.D.

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