HealthMyne at RSNA 2017 – Booth #4960

By Neal Miller | October 25, 2017 | Event

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See how our platform can help you accelerate your reads and elevate your reports

  • Like a magic wand, when you identify a lesion with our Rapid Precise Metrics (RPM)™ functionality, the true Long and Short measurements are determined automatically for you
  • Never speak a measurement again because they automatically flow to your report in an easy to read formatted table
  • No more 'OMG' moments! We automatically compare today's measurements with EVERY prior so progression isn't missed
  • Exhausted by Tumor Board prep? Our platform makes prep easy and can make Tumor Board more meaningful and efficient

HealthMyne will also be donating $25 dollars to Gilda's Club of Madison for every demo we do. Gilda's creates a community of free emotional support, cancer education, and hope for children and adults with any cancer diagnosis and those who care for them.

All participants who take part in a demo will also receive a custom Powerbank capable of charging most cell phones twice before recharging.

Booth Talk

Monday, November 27th - 3:00 PM

Beyond Appropriateness Criteria: True Radiology Clinical Decision Support

Join Linda Peitzman, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer for a discussion of why Radiology is the last medical specialty to have true clinical decision support (CDS) delivered to you in your workflow. Dr. Peitzman has over 25 years of experience building CDS into healthcare IT systems in addition to her time as a family medicine and emergency room practitioner. Learn how new technology is bringing real CDS to Radiology that goes beyond just appropriateness criteria, allowing you to play a bigger role in precision medicine programs and the multi-disciplinary care of your patients.

Only 15 spots available!

Dr. Linda Peitzman

Dr. Robert Gillies

Booth Talk

Monday, November 27th - 1:00 PM

The Radiology Reading Room of the Future: How Quantitative Imaging Will Transform the Profession

Join Dr. Robert Gillies, Ph.D. of Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, for an informative presentation on what radiology will look like in the near future. Dr. Gillies expertise in the world of quantitative imaging, also known as Radiomics, gives him the perfect perspective on how the images you read are more than just pictures, but data that can be used to increase the precision of diagnoses, assessment of prognosis, and prediction of therapy response.

Only 15 spots available!