At HealthMyne, what matters is what you do and how you do it

We are committed to providing a friendly, fun and stimulating work environment, with opportunities to learn and grow with the company. Our offices are in Madison, WI, a city that annually receives recognition as one of the top places to work and live.

Lisa – Quality Assurance Manager - copy

Lisa – Quality Assurance Manager

I first chose a career at HealthMyne since I had an academic background that had a focus on medical imaging so HealthMyne seemed like a good fit. I was excited to work at a startup where I might have a larger impact as an individual. I have been with HealthMyne for about one and a half years. Working at HealthMyne has given me the opportunity to apply what I’ve studied to my tasks, but also to learn from working with experienced knowledgeable colleagues. It can be challenging to meet deadlines, but it helps to be part of a team that works together well. At a startup, I feel that my opinions and ideas are taken into greater consideration as well as being able to take a more active role in responsibilities that interest me. It’s rewarding to work with software in the healthcare, knowing that it is aimed at improving patient care, but it also necessitates strict compliance with FDA regulations and healthcare IT policies.

Steve – Creative Manager - copy

Steve – Creative Manager

HealthMyne has been a fantastic place to work at. It is run by good people who value their employees and take a personal approach to what they do. Being a start-up, I had some reservations about coming on board. There is a lot of unknown that comes with a company that hasn’t been around for years and proven their worth. But even though it's a startup, the company run by people who have done this multiple times and have had great success in their past ventures. As is the case with any company, HealthMyne has not been without some bumps, but the upper management has been very transparent in handling the situations and have gone out of their way to reassure its employees and keep us informed. The team here has been fantastic as well. The team is energetic, creative and innovative which leads us to have a lot of fun as a group, both inside and outside of work.

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