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Every cancer patient's story

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Leverage radiomics. Revolutionize care.

AI-enabled radiomic solutions to inform research, clinical management, and treatment development.

Our Story

Leveraging Radiomics to Ensure the Right Treatment Every Time

At HealthMyne we are pioneers in applied radiomics, the cutting-edge field of extracting novel data and predictive biomarkers from medical images. Through our AI-enabled solutions we help organizations access and easily translate ground-breaking radiomic insights into use in cancer research, treatment planning, and clinical management. By leveraging radiomics our clients and partners can evaluate disease progression, monitor therapy response, and determine clinical outcomes, accelerating the development and delivery of the best possible treatments. Our deep oncology focus is based upon the premise that every cancer patient’s story starts with an image. We believe that unleashing the hidden power of imaging data through radiomics is the bridge to personalized care, ensuring the right treatment every time. Our mission is to advance precision health initiatives through accessible and translatable radiomic data.
Mary's Story

Because her cancer story

started with an image

Mary was scheduled for a biopsy due to what appeared to be a lesion growth. The Radiologist on her team used HealthMyne Radiomic Precision Metrics to further analyze her latest CT scan and determined the lesion was stable. By providing a virtual biopsy Mary was saved from having an unnecessary procedure and she is now able to train for a half marathon.*


Michael's Story

Because his cancer story

started with an image

Michael had a lung nodule discovered incidentally due to an Emergency Room visit. Historically, more than 70% of incidental findings fail to be followed up. Thanks to HealthMyne Incidental Findings solution, Michael didn’t fall through the cracks. He received timely care and can enjoy watching his daughter grow up.*


Frank's Story

Because his cancer story

started with an image

The tumor on Frank’s kidney appeared stable when the Long and Short measurement values were evaluated during follow up imaging. When the Radiologist checked the advanced radiomics metrics available in HealthMyne a 32% increase in tumor volume alerted his care team that immediate action was needed. Frank’s cancer was discovered early, his chemotherapy was successful and today Frank is cancer free and focused on growing his woodworking studio.*


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Who We Serve

Life Sciences

Curate imaging data pipeline, accelerate drug development, deliver real world evidence of therapy response, and drive clinical application to further develop commercial strategies.

Health Systems

FDA-cleared and CE marked radiomic solutions to inform research and cancer care management. Identify treatment response earlier in the care journey to improve patient outcomes.


Enhance and expand existing clinical trials with new data and deliver precise endpoints to adapt trial design.

Uncover imaging data below the surface

More than pictures, medical images are data. HealthMyne’s AI-enabled radiomic solutions provide access to critical imaging data that lies below the surface. Over 2,300+ unique validated Radiomic Precision Metrics (RPM™) are extracted within clinical and research workflows to personalize patient management, treatment decisions, and response to therapy.

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Say goodbye to complexity

Our integrated radiomic-informed clinical workflows allow multidisciplinary care teams, clinical trial coordinators and screening navigation experts to efficiently track patients and manage care treatment pathways, as well as report program metrics and guidelines requirements.

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Unleash decision guidance

Radiomic features and imaging biomarkers are synthesized and correlated with evidence-based models to provide translated value, outcomes prognosis, and decision support guidance.

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Learn more about our AI-enabled radiomic solutions for research, clinical management, and treatment development.

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